A Holy Place of
Prayer and Worship
The Prayer Center - A Mountainside Place
Throughout the Gospels, we find Jesus withdrawing from the world and going to the mountainside to pray.
The Prayer Center is an experiential place where you can come, by yourself or with others, to spend time
with God.

During your time at The Prayer Center you can spend time at the Stations of the Cross; draw close to Him
in the Ark of the Covenant Room; visit the events of Holy Week and Easter; place your prayers in the
Wailing Wall; experience the healing presence of Jesus in the Bethesda Room; or receive from Him in the
Open Heavens Room.

In addition, you can spend time in three different prayer rooms or visit the Gift shop where we offer a fine
selection of books, prayer shawls, anointing oils, candles, and other prayer aids. Click
here for a tour and
explanation of the The Prayer Center facility.

You are invited to visit The Prayer Center during our
normal hours. We will also be glad to open The
Prayer Center during off hours and days for use of the facility by groups.
The Prayer Center - A Training Place
The disciples knew the Lord. They had walked with Him and ministered in His Name. Yet they came to
Him and made this request:
Lord, teach us to pray. Prayer is not something that one automatically knows
how to do. Prayer is something that we learn to do. Regardless of where you are in your prayer life,
classes are offered through The Prayer Center to help you learn to pray. Click
here for upcoming training
The Prayer Center - A Receiving Place
The Prayer Center is also a place where you can come to receive prayer ministry. Trained prayer
ministers are available to minister to you. Regardless of your need, whether physical, emotional, or
spiritual; we believe Jesus is the answer. Prayer ministry can be received during normal business hours
with or without an appointment; or you can
call or e-mail The Prayer Center to arrange for special times.
102 South Seminary Street
Princeton, Kentucky 42445
Prayer Aid
Prayer Aid